Nocturnal emission treatment: Very simple yoga for you to get rid of wet dream.

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On June 6, 2020
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Nocturnal emission is coming out of sperms while sleeping due to sexual dreams for men.Nocturnal emission or wet dream is a common thing and there is nothing to worry about. But if it happens more than usual and you feel weak, then it may cause problem to your health.


Sperm comes out while sleeping for men. It happens due to sex related dreams.


Nocturnal emission happens due to excessive accumulation of sperm in scrotum. It happens 1-2 times in month for a healthy man.

Yoga remedy for nocturnal emission-

Here are the yoga poses to control excessive nocturnal emission-

1. Vramana pranayama (Breathing exercise wile walking)

2. Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)

3. Matsyasana (Yoga Fish Pose)

4. Sayan paschimottasana (Seatedforward bent yoga pose)

5. Gomukhasana(Cow face pose)

Vramana pranayama (Breathing exercise wile walking):

Start walking , with 4 steps inhale air and with 4 steps exhale air .After repeating this 3-4 times , inhale air with 6 steps and exhale air with 6 steps .Continue it for 4-5 minutes .Try to increase the time of inhaling and exhaling gradually. It is advised to do this at morning . Vramana pranayama strengthen lungs and heart. It purifies blood. Old persons specially get more benefit from this pranayama.

Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose) :

Sleep with front side upward on yoga mat.Bent your two legs .Place your hands in your back and straighten your  body up .Stay  for 3 minutes and breathe normally .This yoga posture has several benefits. While practicing sarvangasana, bloods will come towards head. Doing so will be beneficial for your brain. This yoga pose will also strengthen thyroid, parathyroid ,tonsil and salivary glands.

sarvangasana 2 - Nocturnal emission treatment: Very simple yoga for you to get rid of wet dream.

Matsyasana (Yoga Fish Pose):

Sit straight with your legs crossed on yoga mat.Sleep in this position with your front side upward. Bent your head in backward so that above portion of the head touch the ground .Hold your toes with your two hands .Stay  for 2 minutes and breathe normally . Matsyasana will activate parathyroid gland .Which will increase calcium in your body. Also this yoga pose will make you look younger.

matsyasana 2 - Nocturnal emission treatment: Very simple yoga for you to get rid of wet dream.

Sayan paschimottasana (Seatedforward bent yoga pose):

 Sleep with front side upwards on yoga mat. Bent the upper portion of the body forward , hold right feet by right hand and left feet by left hand .Touch the knee with forehead .Sleep again like step one . This yoga pose makes spine flexible and flexible spine will give you a long lasting youth. It makes your nerves and glands more active. This yoga pose will also strengthen your several muscles in front and back of your body. It will also help you in case of constipation.

paschimottasana 1 - Nocturnal emission treatment: Very simple yoga for you to get rid of wet dream.

Gomukhasana(Cow face pose):

 Sit on yoga mat with your legs straight. Bend one leg and place other leg on this.Bend other leg also . Raise one hand upward and keep another hand on your back. Bend the raised hand hold the other hand with it .Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes. This yoga pose has several benefits. This posture will strengthen your spine. It will be very helpful if you want to practice celibacy. This posture will help you to reduce unwanted sex drive.

Diet and lifestyle-

Do not take nap at daytime. This will give you a sound sleep at night. Vegetarian diet is good for your health. Stop watching porn if you do so.

Wish you a healthy life.

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