What is the right age to start yoga?

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On April 19, 2020
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Namaste. Yoga is a way to live a healthy life. But the question is what is the right age to start practicing yoga? This question might have come in your mind. It cannot be answered in one word or sentence. For this , I have done analysis of problems, solutions and opportunities of different ages. Read the full article, and then you will get your answer.


Childhood is one of the best times to start practicing yoga. During childhood our body and mind remain flexible. Children can learn yoga easily and practice this all the life.They have no stress in life. But due to their immature minds, they are not able to understand the benefit of yoga. Sometimes they do not practice yoga regularly. For these reasons, some adult persons need to guide and motivate them. They might be their parents, their teacher, their yoga instructor or someone else. If yoga practice can be started earlier, it will be more beneficial.

child - What is the right age to start yoga?


Adolescence is the time when one goes through several mental and physical changes. Also sometimes they have lots of pressure of education. So to maintain a good body and mind, they can practice yoga also. Adolescent one can learn and understand the yoga and it’s importance. So they can do it by themselves or with the help of instructor. In adolescence, people face so many distractions which harm their education. Yoga can help them to fight with these distractions also.

adolescent - What is the right age to start yoga?


Youth is a time when we complete our higher education or start our profession. In this time we have energy, but less time. Also people get married in this time. In this time people ignore their health which causes many problems later. So one should spend some small time for practicing yoga during his  youth. Practicing yoga will energize one further and give him or her a healthy life.

youth - What is the right age to start yoga?

4.Middle age-

This is the time people start facing several physical problems like blood pressure, diabetes,stress and so on. This time people have less time also in their hand. Medical check up several times put pressure on them economically. So to keep health good, one should start practicing yoga. One can practice yoga in morning or evening based on availability of time. Proper yoga practice along with proper diet can save medical expenditure.

middle age - What is the right age to start yoga?

5.Old age-

Old age is the time when someone retires or about to retire from their job. In old age, people have enough time but less energy. But still one can start practicing yoga to keep himself fit. But this time , it will be better to take guidance from an yoga trainer. For this one can join yoga class. Yoga can help to live a long healthy life.

old - What is the right age to start yoga?

So you can see, there is no right age to start yoga .You can start yoga at any ages. In some ages you may need yoga trainer and in some ages you don’t need. So hope you will start your yoga journey soon.

Wish you a healthy life.

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