How to cure Sporotrichosis at home by Yoga?Here are the yoga poses and diet for you.

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Sporotrichosis is a disease which can be found among people of any age. It causes itching, bleeding, and red patches on skin. According to yoga, it happens due to impurity within your body. If you can purify your blood and inner body, then this disease will be cured. Here are the yoga poses and diet mentioned which can purify your body .


Itching is experienced along with red patches on skin. Sometimes bleeding is also occurred .


Sometimes it happens due to stress, infection and cold .It is an immune system problem.

Yoga Remedy:

Vramana pranayama (Breathing exercise wile walking):

Vramana pranayama is a breathing exercise and not exactly yoga pose. You need to do following steps to do this breathing exercise. Start walking , with 4 steps inhale air and with 4 steps exhale air .After repeating this 3-4 times , inhale air with 6 steps and exhale air with 6 steps .Continue it for 4-5 minutes .Try to increase the time of inhaling and exhaling gradually. You should do this breathing exercise at morning. Vramana pranayama will strengthen your lungs and heart. This breathing exercise purifies blood. Old persons specially get more benefits from this pranayama.

Vaman dhauti(Stomach cleaning):

In the morning in empty stomach, drink slight warm water fully .Then insert fingers in the throat and vomit the whole water along with other substances of stomach. This yoga kriya will cleanse your stomach by removing impure acid, bile, mucus from wall of empty stomach. In this way it purifies your body also. Dhauti kriyas are different from yoga poses. According to hathayoga, If anyone become expert in dhauti, he  can keep body totally disease free . Experts in dhauti can save their lives even after being poisoned as per hathayoga.

Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward bent yoga pose) :

   Sleep with front side upwards on yoga mat. Then bend the upper portion of the body forward while exhaling. Hold your right feet by right hand and left feet by left hand .Touch your knee with your forehead. Stay in this position for few seconds. Sleep again like step one while inhaling. This yoga pose makes spine flexible and flexible spine will give you a long lasting youth. Also this yoga pose makes your nerves and glands more active. Apart from these, this yoga posture will also strengthen your several muscles in front and back of your body. It will also help you in case of constipation and will reduce your belly fat.

paschimottasana 2 - How to cure Sporotrichosis at home by Yoga?Here are the yoga poses and diet for you.

Agnisar Kriya :

Sit in Padmasana yoga pose on yoga mat. Then exhale air and then contract your abdomen. After that, inhale air and expand abdomen slowly. Do it for at least 10 times. This yoga pose has several benefits. Agnisar kriya pose will help you to cure or reverse several diseases in your intestines. This yoga pose will also increase your hunger and strengthen your spleen and liver.

agnisar kriya.. 3 - How to cure Sporotrichosis at home by Yoga?Here are the yoga poses and diet for you.


Vegetarian diet is good for health in this case. You can drink milk along with this . Fruits are also good for health .

Wish you a good health .

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