Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

Namaste. Since 2015, every year 21st June, whole world celebrate as international yoga day. People across the globe participate to practice yoga on International yoga day. But the question is, is doing yoga for one day worth it? Why is it so important to practice yoga worldwide on a particular day? If you think for a moment, you will find International yoga day is important in many ways.

internatl yga day - Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

It spreads awareness about yoga

People are busy with their day to day work. It is very hard to find time for something new. But when there is a day regarding something, everybody becomes aware of it. For example fathers’ day, mothers’ day make people feel special about their father and mother. So when there is a day for yoga, people become aware of it. When someone see lots of posts on social media about yoga and yoga poses, or watch everybody is practicing yoga worldwide, he or she obviously become aware and interested about yoga.

It inspires people to practice yoga

Sometimes people need an inspiration, an extra push to do something new. International yoga day can be such an inspiration for people to start yoga. When people become aware of yoga and the benefits of yoga, there is chance that people include yoga into their lifestyle. Perhaps someone who rush to work after waking up will wake up 30 minutes before and practice yoga for his or her own benefit. The good thing about yoga is, you can start yoga at any age.

yoga day 1 - Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

It helps yoga professionals

Sometimes people find it difficult to practice yoga alone. So they go to any yoga studio to learn and practice yoga poses properly. Also there are yoga professionals or yoga gurus who teach yoga to people in those yoga studios. When more people will go to yoga studios or yoga classes, then yoga professionals will be able to earn more. In this way, yoga studios will have better equipment and number of yoga studios or yoga classes will be increased. It will also generate employments in those yoga studios or classes.

bhuj asan - Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

International yoga day makes yoga a part of culture

As music, dance, entertainment etc are part of the culture, similarly international yoga day will help to make yoga part of culture. When something becomes part of any culture, more and more people become interested in it. Similarly when yoga becomes part of several cultures, then it will be discussed more. Several events, competitions will be organized at several places. Yoga will be discussed more in mainstream media. This will eventually leads to a better culture.

It makes people conscious about health

In busy life people are not so much health conscious. But after this coronavirus pandemic, everybody needs to be health conscious. Because prevention is always better than cure. Yoga is a very good way to maintain good health. Practicing different yoga postures have different benefits for body.Yoga increases immunity. So when international yoga day will promote yoga, it will leads to spread health consciousness among people.

exercse - Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

It makes our society better

Yoga not only gives physical benefit but it also gives peace of mind. With a healthy, disease free body and sound mind, people will be better than what they are right now. There is very less chance that a calm and peaceful mind will quarrel, fight with other, or do any wrong thing. So inclusion of yoga in the life of people will make the society better.

It explores spiritual side of yoga

Meaning of yoga in Sanskrit is the connection between individual consciousness and the eternal consciousness. You should not limit yoga within some physical yoga poses. It has vast spiritual sides to explore. When people will start doing yoga, they will have interest and they will be more aware about those spiritual sides of yoga. Spiritual sides are like meditation, kundalini etc. Exploring these spirituality will give more benefit to people.

spiritual health - Why yoga day is celebrated?Why is it important for you?

It makes people motivate others to do yoga

Sometimes people need motivation from friends, family, colleagues to do something new. It is very normal that international yoga day will inspire lots of people to do yoga. Similarly they will be the motivating factor for other people to do yoga. For example, if you see your friend is going to yoga studio regularly, you will be eager to visit the yoga studio and to do yoga. In this way, more and more people will start doing yoga.

It is not that international yoga day is important for these 8 reasons. There are other reasons also which you might explore in future. Do practice yoga for a better life.

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