Acidity treatment: How to get rid of acidity naturally?

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Acidity and gas are common problems nowadays. Sometimes after having food , food tries to come out of stomach. Along with this, you might feel a bitter taste.We generally call this acid reflux problem or acidity. Beside this, stomach also generate gas of a bad smell due to acidity. Most of the time acidity and gas happen due to bad food habit and lifestyle problems. Acidity is prevalent among adults. But sometimes, youths also suffer from acidity.Home remedy of acidity and gas problem is possible. Yoga and proper diet can cure acidity easily . Acidity Symptoms, reasons for acidity , yoga poses and diet for acidity treatment are below.


When you will have acidity problem, you will feel problem in digestion and a bitter taste . Also you might feel pain in stomach and there will be unwillingness to eat .

What causes acidity :

From the perspective of yoga , acidity happens when you have no hunger or less hunger but you eat food. Beside this, acidity also happens due to insufficient intake of food and stress . In these cases , more gastric juice is is required for proper digestion. An unbalanced mixing of gastric juices , pancreatic juices and other substances creates acid in stomach .

Why do I have acidity everyday?

Acidity is a lifestyle problem. Most of the time acid reflux happen due to bad lifestyle like eating junk foods, not sleeping properly, having stress etc. So you have to change your lifestyle if you are having acidity every day.

Is acidity a serious problem?

No. Acidity is not serious problem. It can be cured by changing lifestyle, doing yoga and following proper diet. If it is not getting cured even after changing lifestyle, it might be serious.

When should you practice yoga?

Best time to practice yoga is in the morning in empty stomach. Practicing yoga in morning, you will feel healthy and stress free all the day. For acidity problem, you can do yoga when you are having this problem. Along with yoga, you must focus on your breathe. Remember for any yoga pose, when you bend forward, exhale and when you bend backward, inhale. Doing yoga for half an hour will be very effective.

Remedy by Yoga:

If you look from the perspective of yoga, this acidity and gas are like poison to your body. Often people take medication to cure acidity on temporary basis. But in long run, this medication can cause harm to your body. That’s why yoga focuses on acidity remedy in natural process without harming your body.

Below are the yoga poses for acidity –

  1. Bhramana pranayama (Breathing exercise with walking )
  2. Sayan paschimottasana (Forward bent yoga pose)
  3. Pawanamuktasana (Wind relieving yoga pose)
  4. Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)

Methods to perform above yoga asanas are described below-

Bhramana pranayama (Breathing exercise with walking ):

Vramana pranayama is a breathing exercise and not exactly a yoga pose. You need to do following steps to do this breathing exercise. Start walking , with 4 steps inhale air and with 4 steps exhale air .After repeating this 3-4 times , inhale air with 6 steps and exhale air with 6 steps .Continue it for 4-5 minutes .Try to increase the time of inhaling and exhaling gradually. You should do this breathing exercise at morning. Vramana pranayama will strengthen your lungs and heart. This breathing exercise purifies blood. Old persons specially get more benefits from this pranayama.

Sayan paschimottasana (Forward bent yoga pose):

 Sleep with front side upwards on yoga mat. Then bend the upper portion of the body forward while exhaling. Hold your right feet by right hand and left feet by left hand .Touch your knee with your forehead. Stay in this position for few seconds. Sleep again like step one while inhaling. This yoga pose makes spine flexible and flexible spine will give you a long lasting youth. Also this yoga pose makes your nerves and glands more active. Apart from these, this yoga posture will also strengthen your several muscles in front and back of your body. It will also help you in case of constipation and will reduce your belly fat.

paschimottasana 2 - Acidity treatment: How to get rid of acidity naturally?
Sayan paschimottasana (Forward bent yoga pose)

Pawanamuktasana (Wind relieving yoga pose):

Sleep with front side upward on yoga mat.  Bring your two knees near to chest .Hold it in this position and breathe normally. Then straighten your legs and relax. Pawan means wind and mukta means relieved. Generally this yoga pose helps to relief winds present in your intestine. Pawanamuktasana yoga pose has several other benefits. This yoga pose will help you in reducing belly fat and strengthening your nerves and muscles. It will also increase your hunger and cure constipation.

Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose) :

Sleep with front side upward on yoga mat. Then bend your two legs .Place your hands in your back and straighten your body up .Stay for 3 minutes in this position and breathe normally. Sarvanga means whole body.  In this yoga posture, almost every body parts are used. That’s why, it is called Sarvangasana. This yoga posture has several benefits. While practicing sarvangasana yoga pose, bloods will come towards head. Doing so will be beneficial for your brain, this pose will boost your memory and intelligence. Also this yoga pose will also strengthen thyroid, parathyroid ,tonsil and salivary glands.

sarvangasana - Acidity treatment: How to get rid of acidity naturally?
Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)

Along with these yoga poses  , after lunch and dinner you need to change the breathing from left nostril to right nostril .This can be done by closing left nostril and breathing through right nostril for some time .

How to cure ulcer by yoga?

Diet :

Diet plan or diet chart should be part of your lifestyle in order to cure acidity. Beside yoga poses, diet is also important for acidity. What to eat in acidity is always a big question.That’s why your diet chart should not include heavily processed food or fast food at least during acidity. During acidity , one can take below things as diet :

  1. Slight warm water with lime .
  2. Some fruits and fruit juice .Fruit will give you vitamin c which will boost your immune system too.
  3. Some coconut during lunch and dinner .Coconut water is also beneficial.
  4. It will be good if you can fast or not take any solid food for a day.

Also some common questions regarding acidity are here with answers-

Which food can reduce acidity?

It is always good not to eat during acid reflux. If you feel hungry, you can have plenty of water and little amount of fruit juice. Curd is also good in this case. Generally alkaline food can reduce acidity.

Does drinking water reduce acidity?

Drinking water helps you to dilute acid in your stomach. Thus it can reduce acid reflux slightly.

Is milk good for acidity?

Like water, milk can also dilute acid in your stomach. You can drink milk during acidity.

Is lemon juice good for acidity?

You can drink little amount of lemon juice during acidity problem.

Is curd good for acidity?

Yes. Curd is good for acidity.

Is tea bad for acidity?

You should not drink tea during acidity and gas problem.

Is apple good for acidity?

Alkaline substances are present in apple. This can useful in neutralizing acid in your stomach.

What should we avoid during gastric?

During gastric you should not have any heavy meal. Apart from this, you should avoid junk food, non vegetarian food during gastric.

Wish you a good health .

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