Hydrocele treatment: What is the remedy of hydrocele by yoga?

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Hydrocele is a disease which is prevalent among adult men. Besides it’s negative effects, it also affect career of many people. As it is occurred at the private part of men, they generally cannot talk about Hydrocele in public. But practicing yoga, maintaining a healthy diet and good lifestyle, remedy of Hydrocele is quite possible.

Symptoms :

Hydrocele symptoms include swallowing of scrotum , sometime you might feel discomfort and pain at scrotum . Water fills swollen area also.

 Cause :

Main reason of hydrocele is accumulation of fluid  around scrotum in a sack. It happens due to injury in scrotum or sometimes due to infection . This disease is prevalent among babies and older persons . But still it can happen among other age groups.

Yoga remedy :

Yoga remedy of hydrocele is possible at home. Below yoga pose is effective for remedy of hydrocele .

Gomukhasana(Cow face pose):

Sit on yoga mat with your legs straight. Bend one leg and place other leg on this.Bend other leg also . Raise one hand upward and keep another hand on your back. Bend the raised hand hold the other hand with it .Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes. This yoga pose has several benefits. This posture will strengthen your spine. It will be very helpful if you want to practice celibacy. This posture will help you to reduce unwanted sex drive.

You can do another thing described below :

      While defecation , keep your left hand below scrotum but scrotum must be hanged below .In this position , slowly push your scrotum with left hand from below .Practice it for 3-4 days .

Diet :

Fruits and vegetables must be included in hydrocele diet plan to get rid of constipation. Alkaline foods  also need to be part of diet .Alkaline foods keep body healthy.

Wish you a good health.

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