Mental illness: 6 simple yoga[asana,kriya,pranayama] for you to cure insanity.

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Mental illness or insanity is a major issue nowadays.You may be thinking how to cure insanity at home, let me tell you it is possible by yoga. You will find several people around you, who are not normal like others. They behave in a peculiar way. Sometimes that kind of behavior may be laughable or irritating to others. They also become angry if they are called lunatic or mad in public. Yoga and proper diet plan can cure this kind of mental illness .


Mentally ill people have one or more than one extreme trait. Some are very arrogant, some are very sad, some laugh more, some dislike woman, some are very obsessed with sex. Both man and woman can have this type of insanity. This happens mainly due to improper activity of glands.It is curable and below are the yoga and diet you need to follow to cure this kind of insanity at home.


Body influences mind in several way. Improper function of several glands and organ create insane mind. For example, improper function of pancreas causes human angry, due to improper function of sex glands human become obsessed with sex. Similarly, due to improper function of lungs and heart, human become selfish.

Remedy of mental illness by yoga-

If you are searching how to cure mental illness or insanity at home, here are yoga for you.You need to do below yoga to get rid of mental illness .

  1. Vaman dhauti(Stomach cleaning)
  2. Vramana pranayama (Breathing exercise while walking)
  3. Agnisar Kriya
  4. Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)
  5. Matsyasana (Yoga Fish Pose)
  6. Ushtrasana(Yoga camel pose)

Above mentioned yoga poses are here in details below-

1. Vaman dhauti(Stomach cleaning):

In the morning in empty stomach, drink slight warm water fully .Then insert fingers in the throat and vomit the whole water along with other substances of stomach. This yoga kriya will cleanse your stomach by removing impure acid, bile, mucus from wall of empty stomach. In this way it purifies your body also. Dhauti kriyas are different from yoga poses. According to hathayoga, If anyone become expert in dhauti, he  can keep body totally disease free . Experts in dhauti can save their lives even after being poisoned as per hathayoga.

2. Vramana pranayama (Breathing exercise while walking):

Vramana pranayama is a breathing exercise and not exactly yoga pose. You need to do following steps to do this breathing exercise. Start walking , with 4 steps inhale air and with 4 steps exhale air .After repeating this 3-4 times , inhale air with 6 steps and exhale air with 6 steps .Continue it for 4-5 minutes .Try to increase the time of inhaling and exhaling gradually. You should do this breathing exercise at morning. Vramana pranayama will strengthen your lungs and heart. This breathing exercise purifies blood. Old persons specially get more benefits from this pranayama.

3. Agnisar Kriya :

Sit in Padmasana yoga pose on yoga mat. Then exhale air and then contract your abdomen. After that, inhale air and expand abdomen slowly. Do it for at least 10 times. This yoga pose has several benefits. Agnisar kriya pose will help you to cure or reverse several diseases in your intestines. This yoga pose will also increase your hunger and strengthen your spleen and liver.

agnisar kriya.. - Mental illness: 6 simple yoga[asana,kriya,pranayama] for you to cure insanity.

4. Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose) :

Sleep with front side upward on yoga mat. Then bend your two legs .Place your hands in your back and straighten your body up .Stay for 3 minutes in this position and breathe normally. Sarvanga means whole body.  In this yoga posture, almost every body parts are used. That’s why, it is called Sarvangasana. This yoga posture has several benefits. While practicing sarvangasana yoga pose, bloods will come towards head. Doing so will be beneficial for your brain, this pose will boost your memory and intelligence. Also this yoga pose will also strengthen thyroid, parathyroid ,tonsil and salivary glands.

sarvangasana - Mental illness: 6 simple yoga[asana,kriya,pranayama] for you to cure insanity.

 5.Matsyasana (Yoga Fish Pose):

Sit straight with your legs crossed on yoga mat. Then sleep in this position with your front side upward. Bend your head in backward so that above portion of the head touch the ground .Hold your toes with your two hands .Stay in this position for 2 minutes and breathe normally . Matsya means fish. In this yoga pose, yogi looks similar to fish. That’s why it is called Matsyasana or Yoga Fish Pose. Matsyasana yoga pose will activate parathyroid gland .Which will increase calcium in your body and will be beneficial for bones. Also this yoga pose will make you look younger.

matsyasana - Mental illness: 6 simple yoga[asana,kriya,pranayama] for you to cure insanity.

6. Ushtrasana(Yoga camel pose):

Sit on your knees on yoga mat and keep the body straight. Then bend the body backward and hold your heels with hands. Lean your head backward and stay in this position. Ushtra means camel.In this yoga pose, yogi looks like camel. That’s why it is called ushtrasana. Stay in this position for 3 minutes and breathe normally. This yoga pose will make your spine flexible, which will make you younger. It will strengthen your front and back muscles. This posture helps children to increase height.


You become what you eat. So to treat any disease, beside practicing yoga, you should have a proper diet plan. In case of insanity also, you need to follow a very good diet chart. You should follow below diet plan  to get rid of insanity.

1.You should consume less non vegetarian food and more vegetables.

2.If you have constipation, then you should consume foods having more fiber.

3. It will be always better for you to consume raw vegetables and fruits. Fruits should be consumed in empty stomach and raw vegetables should be consumed with lunch and dinner. Dinner should be completed before 8-9 pm.

4. You should quit smoking and drinking if you have habit of these.

Wish you a good health.

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