Ulcer Treatment: Home remedy of ulcer by simple yoga poses.

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Removal of the layer of stomach or intestine causes ulcer pain . When it happens at stomach it is called gastric ulcer and when it happens at intestine ,it is called duodenal ulcer.It is really painful when someone suffers from ulcer pain.Home remedy of ulcer by yoga is possible at home. Along with this you need to maintain a healthy diet plan .You will find ulcer symptoms,causes of ulcer ,yoga for ulcer treatment, and diet for ulcer remedy below.

What are the symptoms of stomach ulcer?

Symptoms of ulcer includes mainly constipation , pain in abdomen after eating ,unwillingness to have food, vomiting blood and blood coming out with stool sometimes.

How to cure constipation without medication?

Causes :

You need to look into the problem from the perspective of yoga. Gastric juices are acidic in nature . Alkaline  juices from other glands balance this acidic gastric juice . Sometimes prolong constipation or acidity problem decrease alkaline juices in body.Due to this imbalance acidic gastric juices become more , it causes harm to the inner wall of stomach and intestine . These are gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer respectively .

How to cure acidity naturally by yoga and diet?

Can ulcer be cured? Is home remedy of ulcer by yoga possible?

You can cure gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer by yoga and diet plan. You need to consult doctor if it becomes serious.Home remedy of ulcer is possible by yoga.

Do ulcers go away?

Sometimes ulcer goes away automatically. But still you need to focus on prevention and cure of ulcer.

What aggravates an ulcer?

During ulcer you must be cautious about food you eat. You must not eat very spicy foods, non vegetarian foods, alcohol, tea, coffee etc. These foods aggravate ulcer.

Are ulcers caused by stress?

Main reason of ulcer is not stress, but stress and anxiety can lead to ulcer. You need to remain stress free to avoid lifestyle disease like ulcer.

What is the most common cause of stomach ulcers?

There must be balance between acid and alkali in stomach. If amount of acid increases, then it can harm wall of stomach and cause ulcer. Apart from this, stress and bacterial infection can also cause ulcer.

What does an ulcer attack feel like?

Most of the cases ulcer attack causes pain .This might be mild to intense pain and last for few minutes.

How do you know if an ulcer is bleeding?

If ulcer problem becomes serious, it might cause bleeding inside. This blood generally comes out with stool and vomit. So if you have ulcer problem and if you notice blood in your stool or vomit ,ulcer might be bleeding inside.

Where is ulcer pain located?

Sometimes you might feel pain in abdomen due to ulcer problem. This is also one ulcer symptom.

Can ulcers kill?

You must be serious about ulcer treatment. If ulcer gets aggravated, it might cause cancer and leads to death.

How do I get rid of an ulcer?

To get rid of ulcer, you must be cautious about what you eat.Totally avoid non vegetarian food and follow a healthy diet plan. There is also home remedy for ulcer by yoga. Some yoga poses are very effective to heal ulcer.

Do stomach ulcers go away on their own?

If you fast for 24 hours and have coconut water and raw vegetables for next two days, stomach ulcer will go away on their own.

Can Ulcers be spread?

Ulcers generally do not spread but multiple ulcers can happen at a time.

How do I know if I have an ulcer or acid re-flux?

During acid re-flux, gas is generated with a bad smell. On other hand symptoms of ulcer is pain in abdomen. If you do not treat chronic acid re-flux, it may lead to ulcer.

Home remedy of ulcer by yoga

It is fact that yoga poses can treat ulcer . Yoga poses activates required glands in this case so that acid and alkali remain in balance. For this you need not to search ‘yoga studio near me’ in google. Instead you can turn one of your room a yoga studio and start practicing yoga.Here are the yoga below for home remedy of ulcer-

  1. Vramana pranayama
  2. Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)
  3. Yogamudra
  4. Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward bent yoga pose)

Vramana  pranayama :

Vramana pranayama is a breathing exercise and not exactly yoga pose. You need to do following steps to do this breathing exercise. Start walking , with 4 steps inhale air and with 4 steps exhale air .After repeating this 3-4 times , inhale air with 6 steps and exhale air with 6 steps .Continue it for 4-5 minutes .Try to increase the time of inhaling and exhaling gradually. You should do this breathing exercise at morning. Vramana pranayama will strengthen your lungs and heart. This breathing exercise purifies blood. Old persons specially get more benefits from this pranayama.

Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose) :

Sleep with front side upward on yoga mat. Then bend your two legs .Place your hands in your back and straighten your body up .Stay for 3 minutes in this position and breathe normally. Sarvanga means whole body.  In this yoga posture, almost every body parts are used. That’s why, it is called Sarvangasana. This yoga posture has several benefits. While practicing sarvangasana yoga pose, bloods will come towards head. Doing so will be beneficial for your brain, this pose will boost your memory and intelligence. Also this yoga pose will also strengthen thyroid, parathyroid ,tonsil and salivary glands.

sarvangasana 2 - Ulcer Treatment: Home remedy of ulcer by simple yoga poses.
Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand yoga pose)

Yogamudra :

Sit straight on yoga mat crossing your legs .Then place two hands in your back and hold one hand with another hand .Bend your body forward and touch the ground with forehead .Breathe normally for one minute. This yoga pose has several benefits. This yoga posture will strengthen your nerves and other glands. Your liver and spleen will get proper shape by practicing yogamudra pose.

Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward bent yoga pose) :

Sleep with front side upwards on yoga mat. Then bend the upper portion of the body forward while exhaling. Hold your right feet by right hand and left feet by left hand .Touch your knee with your forehead. Stay in this position for few seconds. Sleep again like step one while inhaling. This yoga pose makes spine flexible and flexible spine will give you a long lasting youth. Also this yoga pose makes your nerves and glands more active. Apart from these, this yoga posture will also strengthen your several muscles in front and back of your body. It will also help you in case of constipation and will reduce your belly fat.

paschimottasana 4 - Ulcer Treatment: Home remedy of ulcer by simple yoga poses.
Paschimottanasana(Seated Forward bent yoga pose)

Diet for ulcer:

You need a good diet plan or diet chart when it comes to treat ulcer. Yoga always relied on natural diet plan which mostly come from nature. You should not eat over processed food or fast food in any case. First of all you need to quit drinking and smoking during ulcer if you have habit of doing these .As a diet plan for ulcer you must avoid non-vegetarian   foods, butter and cheese  . Milk , orange juice , coconut are good to consume .You can consume this within limit. Apart from this you should not eat until you feel hungry. Here are some common question and answers regarding ulcer diet.

Is banana good for ulcer?

Banana is good for stomach ulcer. It creates layer on ulcer and help to cure ulcer problem.

What food is good for ulcers?

Coconut water, raw vegetables are good for ulcer. You must avoid non-veg and spicy foods during ulcer.

Is milk good for ulcers?

When you drink milk it generates acid in stomach which is bad for ulcer problem.

What can you not eat with an ulcer?

You should not eat non-veg , spicy foods, alcohol, tea, coffee, milk during ulcer.

What can I eat in the morning with an ulcer?

You can eat fruits in morning with empty stomach. Fruits are alkaline food and will help to reduce acid.

Is lemon good for ulcer?

Yes, you can have lemons during ulcer.

Is Rice OK for ulcers?

Rice is OK for ulcer.

How Does banana cure ulcer?

Banana should be part of ulcer diet. It reduces acidity and gas which helps to cure ulcer.Also banana creates a protective layer on ulcer and increases cell growth in intestine.

Is cold water good for ulcer?

Cold water is good for ulcer problem.It reduces acid in stomach.

Is coffee bad for ulcers?

Yes, coffee is bad for ulcers.It increases acid in stomach.

Is cheese bad for stomach ulcers?

It is better to avoid cheese during ulcer.

What fruits help ulcers?

Fruits like apple,berries, grapes are very good for ulcers.

Wish you a good health .

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